Installation of WordPress (For Non-Geeks!)

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Installation of WordPress Charlotte NCInstallation of WordPress

Step 1

First you need to find a template through a template provider, unless you feel comfortable spending hours of endlessly coding in .PHP. Or you can stick with the default templates that come with WordPress upon a fresh install. Let’s get started with the installation of WordPress.

Step 2

(Only needed if you downloaded a purchased template!)

Right click on the zipped template file to get to 7Zip software & extract the file using 7Zip.  After unzipping the template, inside the unzipped folder there is a file called “Sources”.  You’ll need the password to unzip “Sources”.

There will be a prompt to enter password. (Ctrl V because it’s on your clipboard)

Now, everything is extracted!


This may be beyond most people’s means, but you will need to set up a server if you don’t have a host which supports WordPress. This step causes the most problems, so bear with us.

Create account within your WHM, set up the account to your username and password specifications.

Easier said than done for most.

Step 4

If you type in your domain name where you want to set up your WordPress site and see “cgi bin” then you’re good so far.

Now simply push WordPress up to the server via an FTP program like Filezilla or FTP Pro(old software).

If done correctly, it’s time to make a database for your WordPress site.

Step 5

This part is not easy, but here goes:

The next step is to go to My SQL Users, Add New User

Username: your_username

Password: your_password (you’ll be prompted to type it twice)

Click the “Create User“ box & it will say you added the new user

You can see the PW you set so take note and make sure it’s right!

Add User To The Database

(pull down menus)

click the Add button

check ‘all priviledges’ and click the Make Changes button

Now go check your domain name, once WordPress is pushed up to the server, if everything’s correct, you will now need to make a configuration file! If you’re still with me here, you’re in great shape.

Step 6

Click the Create Config File button

Then You’ll get a WordPress header

click the Let’s Go box

The next screen has input fields.  Refer to that “CPanel” screen you left open earlier. If you don’t have a CPanel option, then this does you no good.  You can copy/paste that information in to replace what’s there.

Leave the Database & Table Prefix fields alone.     Username example: username_generic username

Then click the SUBMIT button.

Here’s where it says “All Right Sparky!”          Yay! Now click “Run the Install

If you’ve made it here, you are doing extremely well, keep it up.

Step 7  The Nightmare Continues…

Inject The WP Theme

You’ll be in dashboard.

Go to (or whatever your site is named)

In FileZilla, go back to your root directory where the files are stored, and access the unzipped template folder (called theme_____) and unzip it using 7Zip, and copy it. Then go to wp_content and paste it into “Themes” which is a folder beside 2011 and 2010 inside of wp_content.

Now you have themes.

Now go back to your template folder. Go to “sources” file and go into a subfolder called “sources” in the “sources” folder.   Inside of that folder are plugins and uploads.  Copy just Uploads & Plugins (not psd), and go back to site>wp_content, where you will see plugins and themes and replace the existing plugins.  Now you have plugins, themes, index and uploads. Of these, you have moved themes, plugins, and uploads.

Uploading WP Content

Go to Filezilla, Go to Move

Because we only changed wp_content, we only want to upload wp_content.  Make sure you are not creating a subfolder w/ redundant info.

Highlight the wp_content folder and upload those files to the same file folder on remote server – if it asks you if you want to overwrite, say yes.


 SQL and Notepad

Go into the YourWordpressSite  (or whatever your site is called) file and locate the SQL file. Open that file with Notepad.


Find:  your_website_URL_here

Replace With:   (or whatever your domain name is)

Replace All

*Don’t forget to hit ‘File’ and ‘Save’

Step 8 Trauma and Delirium Sets In…

My PHP Admin

 Upload SQL database to server… Go to C-Panel. Upper left is HOME

Scroll down to ‘My SQL Database” (under Database heading)

Look for My PHP Admin (sailboat icon) and click on that icon.

My PHP Admin Screen:  edit and upload database

On left side column, highlight the database information schema, not the one on the right side.

Select ‘*YourSite-Wordpress’   (*that’s an example- select what ever your actual site is)

Now you’ll be in something with wp_ (files) down the right side. Go over to the “import” tab and click the correct file to import ex. YourWordpressSite  (browse your computer to get the right one)

Go back to the unzipped template, back into the theme, back into sources & sources subfolder, to get to your ‘theme #(whatever your theme number is) and click ‘open’.

Don’t touch anything, just hit ‘Go’ at bottom.  You’ll get a checkmark w/ green for ‘successful’.

Go to in browser and hit ‘refresh’ and it will be up.

*If the CSS seems to be screwed up and your images are not appearing, then you did not correctly inject the SQL database and must redo this.

Hope this helps, but may as well contact Idea Forge Studios to avoid the above hassle!


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