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Search engine optimization is an overused and often misunderstood acronym (SEO). SEO is becoming increasingly complicated and the need for good copy-writing is more important now than ever. With Google’s new algorithm, many people are finding themselves on page 2 when they were previously on page 1 of Google.

The necessity of good content, or copy, facilitates many things. The correct amount of research must be carried out in order to appropriately create a copy suitable of being understood by both the search engine and the reader. Most importantly, however, is a copywriter who has done the necessary research on a given topic and knowledge in the SEO field. When subtly combining the copy with SEO, it makes your site both an easy read for search engines and readers alike.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Copy Writer

Unless you feel like you’re both an expert in SEO and you are an excellent writer, why risk filling your website with content that is difficult to read, by both the reader and the search engines?

By hiring a professional, who will research your company’s field and the direction you want to head SEO wise, you will gain an advantage in said field of competition. For instance, an engineer may be more than capable of filling a website with content which is absolutely factually correct, but simultaneously it may be incomprehensible to the reader. If you know every piece of jargon about your company’s field of work that’s great, but the reader of your site’s content may be clueless as to what your are talking about. It is important to keep in mind who you are trying to reach with your website’s content.

Idea Forge Studios’ professional copywriters will ask you these questions: Who are you trying to reach? What key demographic in your field do you want to target with the site’s content?

Then, most importantly they will make sure the content is written in terms understandable to the less inclined and the know-it-all of said field. Simultaneously the copy-writer will subtly implement SEO throughout the content, making it just as an easy and relative read for search engines as it will be for the reader. Leave your copy-writing to a professional, contact Idea Forge Studios today!

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  • Our experience with has been outstanding. They listened and then turned our ideas into a beautiful and cohesive product. We were very impressed with the attention to detail and creativty. The end product surpassed our expectations. We highly recommend Idea Forge Studios.

    Norris P. Owner
  • It's been a pleasure working with Idea Forge. She has made an unfamiliar business very familiar for me. They are wonderful communicators, listeners and professional. They won't stop working until you are completely satisfied. I fully recommend them as a web designers. I'm expecting great business outcomes because of their diligence and hard work!

    Vicki R. Owner
  • Eric Donnell at Umbrellus provides great web design and development services.

    Erik Lincoln Owner
  • Eric designed & published my site Turning Point Financial and I have been very happy with his work. I have had no problems with follow up changes and minor tweaks, he fixes them every time with no hassle. I will hire these guys again for future work!

    Mark Kenison Owner
  • Idea Forge Studios is an awesome bunch.  I am enjoyed working with your talented designers.  

    Sherman Burns Owner
  • You’re the best Web Designer in Charlotte!

    Jessica Bark

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