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wordpress development and widgets Charlotte ncWordPress Development and Widgets

Within WordPress there are several different widgets which allow for a more customized look to your WordPress website. While you may feel only comfortable sticking with the Before Content Area widget, Sidebar widget and the default widgets which come along with  Wordpress upon installation; there are many ways to make your site more suited to your likes.

WordPress  is one of the many content management systems which allow both the developer and the client for whom we develop the site to make changes relatively easily. It is the numerous amount of plugins and widgets that make WordPress king of the CMS world. We make use of the best technology in the web design market, and that’s why we recommend WordPress. As a WordPress development and widgets company, we can customize any aspect of your WordPress site.

Back to display widgets. A display widget allows for something that is really significant. It allows for sidebar widgets to be assigned to pages where you want them to be displayed. Also, it allows for certain widgets to be excluded from pages where you don’t want your sidebar widget displayed. When considering WordPress development, this allows for a lot more flexibility in what your pages look like. While all default template pages may be pulling from the sidebar widget, the display widget allows for multiple, different looking sidebars when in actuality, they are the same one.

So in short, the display widget plugin allows for assigning plugins/widgets to specific pages directly through the default sidebar widget that comes with WordPress once you have installed it. It’s much easier for the non-tech-savvy individual to play around with than other content management systems. It has been useful in many websites created for clients who wanted to have access to their own website and wanted to go with WordPress, opposed to Joomla or Drupal. That, in my mind, is what makes WordPress development and widgets belonging to it, the current ruler of the Content Management System world.

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