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Idea Forge Studios is your one-stop-shop for videos & commercials. We can provide any video editing, voice-over, or video altering software you may need. The greatest thing about video commercials is they get your point across. We only create high-quality video commercials, no cheesy mom and pop versions are allowed here at Idea Forge Studios.

If you want your company to have a company presence whether on TV or online, contact Idea Forge Studios. Whether it is a small temporary commercial or one you plan to use over and over, we can handle the job. Our professional video specialists have worked for major news/media outlets and know what it takes to make a professional, clean commercial.

Using a Commercial to Advertise on Your Website

The advantage of having a video commercial on your website is due to the fact that some people are simply lazy. Rather than reading about your company, it’s product, etc.; the viewer can watch an informative video commercial to fully convey exactly what your company does. This goes for someone visiting your site who is in a hurry, who in turn skips over your site entirely because they want information right when they arrive on your site.

Other advantages include the opportunity to see your company’s staff, see their attitude, and overall gauge your company’s work environment. While a website is static and immobile, a video commercial can bring life to your website where there once was none. Your company’s ability to produce video commercials containing popular figures will be reciprocated by the perception the viewer has of your company.

Don’t risk making a poor quality video commercial, it can portray your company/business as poor quality in turn. A professional video conveys to the viewer that your company/business is also professional, and should be viewed with respect. A cheesy, poorly executed video commercial can adversely affect your company’s standing; so stay away from cheesy, cheap commercials and contact Idea Forge Studios for all your video and video commercial needs.

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  • Our experience with has been outstanding. They listened and then turned our ideas into a beautiful and cohesive product. We were very impressed with the attention to detail and creativty. The end product surpassed our expectations. We highly recommend Idea Forge Studios.

    Norris P. Owner
  • It's been a pleasure working with Idea Forge. She has made an unfamiliar business very familiar for me. They are wonderful communicators, listeners and professional. They won't stop working until you are completely satisfied. I fully recommend them as a web designers. I'm expecting great business outcomes because of their diligence and hard work!

    Vicki R. Owner
  • Eric Donnell at Umbrellus provides great web design and development services.

    Erik Lincoln Owner
  • Eric designed & published my site Turning Point Financial and I have been very happy with his work. I have had no problems with follow up changes and minor tweaks, he fixes them every time with no hassle. I will hire these guys again for future work!

    Mark Kenison Owner
  • Idea Forge Studios is an awesome bunch.  I am enjoyed working with your talented designers.  

    Sherman Burns Owner
  • You’re the best Web Designer in Charlotte!

    Jessica Bark

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