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Magento 2 is a expansive, flexible, and modifiable e-commerce system. It offer an myriad of powerful tools for creating and managing an online business.  Magento 2 introduces itself with a strong emphasis on modules, Web API’s, testing and overall new technology platform.  The flexibility of the new platform helps when applying new plugins and extensions into easily to remove modules so that changes can be made more effectively and with less worry about crashes.  The latest Magento release creates a whole new e-commerce platform to work with to develop online stores. The all new Magento architecture, Web APIs, and a host of other features are equally challenging to master as much as they are exciting to use.

Magento has always been a great E-Commerce platform for both variants the Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE).  Magento 1 has been reaching the end of it’s lifespan for security updates and future developers to produce 3rd party plugins for, so we have started to recommend and fully develop new sites in Magento 2.

Magento has many improvements to native functionality and has over 300+ extensions, we are now recommending Magento 2.2.  Magento is a great option for small business owners who are looking to take the next step into the online marketplace.  If you are a business owner currently on Magento 1.0 client, you should start thinking about migrating to Magento 2 within the next 18 months. Magento has stated that they’ll continue supporting Magento 1 for an additional 3 years.

While Idea Forge Studios will continue to maintain and even build new Magento 1 sites, we strongly recommend now starting with Magento 2 so that the platform will ensure longevity of security updates and more flexibility as a system as a whole.  While some plugins do cost more of a premium at this time for Magento 2, we are confident that as it becomes a more mainstream platform more developers will lower their costs of these plugins.

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