In 2011, Eric Donnell established Idea Forge Studios as a web design, e-commerce, and internet marketing firm. Eric has worked with practically every company size and industry type over the last 11 years, even prior to the creation of Idea Forge Studios. With a BS in Chemistry and a BS in Computer Science from East Stroudsburg University and six years of experience as a chemist, he chose to pursue a different path and start his own firm.

That concludes my third-person discourse on myself.

I created my first website back in 2006 for a friend, who recommended I start designing them instead of following my chemistry dreams.  I figured that was crazy but after building my first site, I started to fall in love with working with different industries and trades for every design and learning something about them in the process.  Migrating through the old HTML and CSS only days before CMS systems became the standard, I have also embraced all the changes in our industry and genuinely enjoy adapting our knowledge to bring the best website for the clients needs possible.  I have now had the pleasure of working with clients from the USA, Equador, Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries and can’t wait for the next challenging site experience.

My main talents now lay in advanced logistics and warehouse tracking systems for E-Commerce, POS systems, API integrations for financial software, taxes and shipping, booking and ticketing applications, graphic design, and of course working on the display of information websites in a logical and well thought out format.  I have worked with almost every CMS system under the sun and always am willing to tackle the few I haven’t encountered as of yet.

On the relaxing end of my life, I enjoy my beautiful daughter Ember & my wife Eli, hiking, gaming, escape rooms, board games, paddleboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, my dog Naruto and trying new business ideas no matter how much work they are.