My name is Bijan Razavi and I am a Web Developer for Idea Forge Studios. I started working at Idea Forge Studios as an intern back in 2015 during my college career. Through the years I’ve not only managed to complete my Bachelors degree in computer science but also managed to obtain my Masters degree in it at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. As soon as I graduated with my Masters degree I continued working at Idea Forge Studios in a full time position and have continued working with them to help manage servers and build a host of professional looking websites for our numerous clients.
Outside of work hours I enjoy spending time with friends, whether it be gaming at home, going out to play tennis, hiking or going to the occasional Charlotte event. When I have a few minutes to myself I spend my time either enjoying some Netflix, reading up on some news, working on a few personal side projects (namely programming related) or studying Japanese.